Dirt Bike Adventure, Bali Fun Holiday

Balidirtbike.com – Some people, mainly if never done this before, might feel query what are the details, the programs or the activities. Therefore, for an overview, Dirt Bike Adventure is a service that allows their customer to explore Bali using a motorbike. Not only fun and exciting, but it also challenging and speed up your adrenalin into the maximum levels. Especially if you love to ride a motorbike. The activity provides a different way to enjoy Bali. That is why many people repeat it again after their first try.

The program also has several itineraries. Therefore, if you want to explore the island, but don’t know where to start or where to go, no need to worry. Talk with the Tour Enduro Adventure representative, and mention your expectation. They will provide several packages and routes according to your needs and request. In case you want to know further about the details, check the below paragraph that will explain better.

The Package

Normally, there are several packages that provided and available to choose. It will depend on your preference, whether you are a beginner, or you are an expert. Bali Enduro has all of the levels and all of the route package. Usually, the package will include full vehicles back up with track selection and insurance. If you prefer a full-day tour, then it will include your food too. Hence, no need to worry if you need anything during the tour. Everything will properly prepare and you just need to enjoy the day and the journey.

The levels also will define the type of track and route selection. Therefore, it will be better to discuss first which one is a suitable track according to your skills. Don’t hesitate to ask which place is the best view or which package is the most challenging. Bali Motocross Enduro team will always ready to guide you in selecting the most suitable package to book. Including offering the best route to perform. For more details on the available route to select, check out the explanation below.

The Route

You can have a various selection of route in performing this activity. Whether a single-track route, a scenery places, even a lava field or a river track. All can be set up according to your wish and preference. Of course, some of you might query on the details of each route. The below lists will give you an overview of the specific view you can get, including type of the track you will experience:

  • Volcano land, this route usually will give you a beautiful view of creeks, phinus forest, lake, waterfall, and some hills. The track will be a quite challenge since it will ask you to step up and step down the hill. Not to mention the challenging track all over the journey. This can give you a great sensation that difficult to forget.
  • Forest land, it is another route that will offer you a heritage park, rain forest, rice field view, and even a temple view. This sounds quite fun and suitable for a beginner. But remember, there always several challenging tracks to select. Hence, the route is also suitable for an expert biker.
  • Beach land, the route will offer a long sandy road track with a view of the beach and ocean. Therefore, if you love to breathe the ocean air, then it will be a good selection to choose from. But remember, the weather might hot enough during the day. Therefore, prepare your stamina to avoid sickness.

The Price

One of the important thing that considered by the customer is usually the price. For information, Bali Motocross Enduro might not be cheap. You need to spare several mills for a package, depends on how many days, what route, and what levels. The more days you select; the more money you need to pay. Therefore, make sure to prepare a sufficient budget before booking the adventure.

An alternative for a low-cost tour can be performed by selecting a half-day tour. This can give you a a flexibility in terms of location, tracks, and of course cost. Such as if you prefer to choose 3 hours morning ride or 3 hours’ afternoon ride. This can help you to get both, an adventure with Bali Motocross Enduro and another type of vacation activity in Bali.

Motorbike Rental

If you prefer a much cheaper way to ride a motorbike in Bali, you can also try Dirt Bike Rental Bali. Here you will able to rent the motorbike only and visiting your own selected route. There are various types of bikes you can select, started from a 150 cc up to a 250 cc motorcycle. It is available to rent on a daily basis, weekly or even monthly. The longer you decide to rent the motorcycle, the cheaper the price can be. However, if this is your choice, always remember to put safety first. Make sure that you’re an expert and have done it before. Plus, prepare all the needed equipment and better to go in a group. This can help you to perform a safe journey and avoid an accident.

From the above information, you can see that Dirt Bike Adventure is a good way to spend an exciting and unforgettable holiday in Bali. Therefore, do not doubt to perform this activity when you decide to have a vacation. Remember that Bali is always a beautiful island to explore. If you wish an awesome way to enjoy the place this holiday, then book your package now and feel the fun with Bali Adventure!